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Tycee Bell is Will County's premiere community affairs professional. As the Visionary Director of the Community Cultivation Project, her work in personal and professional development is galvanizing community and business leaders to take bold action for positive change--in the community and in the boardroom. A proud Joliet native, Bell founded Seven Mountains LLC as a mission-driven enterprise to change the world through large-scale events that bring people together and by empowering new leaders to advance the movement for social justice. Tycee Bell, the community strategist, provides her corporate clients with strategic vision, project management and critical insights into African-American and Latinx consumer behaviors for creative, hyper-local marketing campaigns.

Work with Tycee Bell to change the world for better business results and more livable communities… for all of us.

Our Mission

Our Approach

Seven Mountains leverages the seven spheres of cultural influence (government, media, business, family, religion, arts and education) to persuade, motivate and mobilize people to action. We draw from our expertise in each of these fields to turn challenges into opportunities and opportunities into victories.


Our Vision

Tycee Bell founded Seven Mountains, LLC as a mission-driven enterprise to change the world through high-impact events and collaborative projects that bring people together to improve their communities for better quality of life and better business results. 

Joliet Focus partners with Tycee Bell to build community, showcase the local living experience of Joliet residents.

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